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Properties for Lease

Our leasing expertise has been built over years of working on a large number of diverse projects and properties along the Grand Strand.  We have carefully built a vast network of relationships with the area’s leading retailers, dining establishments, entertainment venues, hospitality providers, and an array of other tenant types.  We are keenly aware that leasing is of primary importance in the retail real estate equation.   By developing the best possible selection of tenants, a project’s viability, value, and financial performance can be maximized.

Cooper & Abernethy will be available at all times to show your space to interested parties and outside brokers.  We will make every effort to continually expose your space to prospective tenants.  We will keep you informed during the marketing process, detailing client's and agent's feedback.  We will constantly discuss what the best approach might be with each individual situation.  We bring an unmatched focus of leasing resource to the projects we undertake.